My husband & I went to the cinema yesterday afternoon with some friends to see “Dunkirk”.   It was a very intense film.

My Dad was one of those soldiers that was taken off of “the beach”.   I knew nothing of this until after my Mother died and Dad came over to stay with us for a couple of months.   Like most people that had been to war he told us nothing,   Over the course of the years, he would tell my bothers and I some of the “funny” stories but that was about it!   Dad & Dan (my husband) were talking over a beer one evening when Dad told us some of his stories including being taken off of “the beach”.   He was very casual about the whole thing.   The first boat that picked him up was blown up and he was finally fished out of the water by another boat and taken home.   He was very badly injured and was convalessed for three months.   When Dad finally recovered he was told that he was going to be sent to a nice, safe home posting – to London – to do UXB (Unexploded bombs) for the rest of the war.   Some safe posting.   Again, he did not really talk much about this part of his life.   He was always very positive about most things.

After seeing that film, I am amazed that Dad ever made it home.   My bothers and I, and in turn, my own son, grandson and nieces would certainly not be here now.

We have a lot to thank all of these hero’s for, for the lives we now have.   I wished we could have learned our lessons from that war so that we would stop murdering each other.   We have a beautiful world with a lot of incredible people in it – let enjoy our world and each other.