Reindeer Beer : Looking for something fun to make for a holiday gift?   These “reindeers” create a lot of smiles.

To make them, you will require the following :

(1) 6-pack of beer of your choice

(1) package of chanelle pipe cleaners

(1) package of small red pom-poms

(1) package of plastic or sugar eyes

Contact cement.

Take one of the pipe cleaners and fold in half, but make a flat base for attachment to the top of the beer bottle.   Twist each half to give them a “knotted” look.  Take another pipe cleaner and cut into four pieces.   Twist two of the pieces onto each half of the pipe cleaner to create an “antler”.   Glue to the cap of the beer bottle and also cover with a small piece of clear tape to ensure that the antler will stay upright.

Place a dab of glue on the bottle where you would like the eyes and  nose to be placed.   Wait for approximately a minute or two and then attach them.  Follow the same method for each bottle until finished. Allow to stand overnight to allow attachments to be completely  set.

If beer is not your beverage of choice, this will work well with any slim-necked bottle.

Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday!


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