Claire Bowman Cake Lace mix (# 18280) is an innovative new product that allows one to make edible lace for wedding cakes, celebration cakes, cupcakes – wherever your imagination takes you!

Mix according to the manufacturer’s instructions, spread onto the silicone mat (using icing spreader # 1325) and place in the oven at 80 degrees C (175F) for 12 – 15 minutes.   Remove from the oven and allow to cool for five minutes.   Carefully remove from the mat and the lace is ready to use.   Cake lace may be made ahead of time and stored for 2-3 months as it will stay moist and pliable.   Double wrap each piece in greaseproof paper and store flat in a zip-lock bag.

The lace may be coloured when mixing, and/or dusted with pearl dust before attachment to your project.   It may also be hand-piped if mixed and left to stand overnight (covered) to allow the air bubbles to dissipate.

The uses and designs for this product are endless.


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