We have just returned from our Son’s wedding in Florida.   Our son is a police officer and his new wife works with a dermatologist.

Actually getting there was quite an adventure.   The night before we left, we received a text from US Air that our flight had been delayed for approximately 40 minutes !   Based upon this information, we arrived at the airport at 6.00 am the following morning, went through security only to find that the flight was delayed a further hour!!   The long and short of it was that we were delayed three hours and were sent to five different gates before actually boarding our flight.   To add insult to injury, we were delayed a further 30 minutes because the pilot said that we had to “wait for catering as they were empty”.   Why bother, the airlines don’t really serve anything unless you are charged an arm and leg anyway!

I had shipped my decorating tools down the week before and had baked and frozen the wedding cake and desserts and shipped them overnight so that I could start decorating when we arrived.   As you can imagine, I was somewhat stressed at the delay.  It was quite a feat getting everything finished but all turned out well at the end of the day.   A beautiful wedding.

As my husband pointed out, it would not behove anyone to make the mistake of trying to rob the wedding party – about half of the guests were police officers 🙂


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